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Addon Development - taking it further

PostPosted: Mon Feb 19, 2007 12:19 am
by Dale Ray
In the addon guide by elvii shows how to add profile and style types is documented. My questions are:

How would you actually save the profile information for a new profile?

How would you save a news style?

How would you save items to the database?

If an addon could save the basic pieces that Coranto uses when the addon is first run, it would be easier to implement some features. I am thinking that a run once setup could be included with the addon to 'install' the profiles, styles, and fields that the addon would use. After the setup process is done a flag can be set so that it is not called again and the setup file could be deleted.

Am I correct (but grossly oversimplifying) in thinking that there are probably subroutines in the core that you could call with the correct parameters to do these things? To do it properly you would have to 'poke around' the user's install first, checking to see if the profile, style, category and field names exist among other things.