Chameleon Theme (Coranto 1.25 build!)

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Chameleon Theme (Coranto 1.25 build!)

Postby Pirate Elf » Thu Jun 19, 2008 8:30 am

I know a lot of people are using the 1.25 branch but for me it just doesn't play nicely with anything so I am using trusty 1.24 and I made this so that others with lower builds could enjoy the theme of Coranto 1.25 OR if they do have 1.25 they can have a nice backup default! LOL!

*Taken from Comments on Archive*
This is a theme for the Chameleon addon! Originally it was called
Froggy and created by Mark, but then it was ported and changed
to Chameleon! I hope you enjoy! No I didn't create this theme the guys
at did. I just made it work nicely with Chameleon!

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