optional news icon (edit: If variables)

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optional news icon (edit: If variables)

Postby BJv » Fri Aug 03, 2007 3:35 pm

*edit* I've actually figured out the code now for anyone who finds this in a search later:

Code: Select all
<If: Field: CustomField_Newsicon>
<img src="<Field: CustomField_Newsicon>" width=150 height=150 id="newsicon">

I do have another question, I'm trying to add a header to news tables what the actual article is, regular news and interview etc.

When I enter this code:

Code: Select all
<If: Field: Category eq "(default)">News Article</If><If: Field: Category eq "Interviews">Interview</If><If: Field: Category eq "Reviews">Review</If><If: Field: Category eq "Editorials">Editorial</If>

I get this error:
Code: Select all
Error: That style is invalid and has a syntax error. Check, in particular, that all ifs are properly matched and ended. Perl reported the following error, which may or may not be helpful: Unmatched right curly bracket at (eval 14) line 5, at end of line syntax error at (eval 14) line 5, near "; }"

I don't really understand the error what am I doing wrong exactly?
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Postby BJv » Fri Aug 03, 2007 6:44 pm

This week I seem to have this thing where I answer my own questions 4 hours lately. I remember I was working on another site back in March and there was a bug with the if's and else's. I thought that was fixed a long time ago but apparantly it wasn't.

SRnupsen released a fix for this in this topic: http://www.gocoranto.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=210 and it solved my problem (again :wink:).
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Postby Jackanape » Fri Aug 03, 2007 8:02 pm

Thanks for the info, B!

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Postby SrNupsen » Fri Aug 03, 2007 8:55 pm

There was indeed a bug with if / else tags a while ago, and that one was fixed. However, another one was introduced due to some inappropriate spaces in cradmin.pl - which is the fix you mention. Glad you solved your problem!
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