Unable to open crcfg.dat

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Unable to open crcfg.dat

Postby SrNupsen » Wed Apr 26, 2006 8:37 pm

I have a strange problem, and I don't know what's related to what, so I'll post it here.

On Coranto's main page, I get the following error:

Code: Select all
Error: Unable to open '/xxx/xxx/xxx/vagbladet.no/cgi-bin/coranto/crcfg.dat' (with flock). No such file or directory

This is the old location of crcfg.dat - when upgrading to 1.31.5, this file supposedly was moved into the "data" subdirectory.

The error is only displayed once, on the main page, when logging in. After that all is fine.

My setup: Coranto 1.31.5 with following addons:

Time: 1146083828 26 '06 22:37 PM
Version: 1.31.5
Build: 50

* Anne Rice
o Filename: cra_annerice.pl Version: build 5
* Annoying Notice
o Filename: cra_annoynot.pl Version: 1.01
* Backup (disabled)
o Filename: cra_backup.pl Version: build 2 (privacy compliant)
* Change User
o Filename: cra_changeuser.pl Version: 2
* ChangeDateNew
o Filename: cra_changedatenew.pl Version: 3.5.6
* CheckVersion (disabled)
o Filename: cra_checkversion.pl Version: 1.0.2 (Build 3)
* Click Count
o Filename: cra_clickcount.pl Version: 1.2
* Count Items
o Filename: cra_countitems.pl Version: 1.0
* Disable Reset Button
o Filename: cra_disablereset.pl Version: 1
* EasyEdit
o Filename: cra_easyedit.pl Version: 1.0
* EmptyProfile
o Filename: cra_emptyprofile.pl Version: 0.5-RC1
* ezStats
o Filename: cra_ezStats.pl Version: 0.94
* FaceLift (disabled)
o Filename: cra_facelift.pl Version: 3.1
* Logged In
o Filename: cra_loggedin.pl Version: 1.0 beta
* Maginot
o Filename: cra_maginot.pl Version: build 14
* Modify Date Format
o Filename: cra_moddateform.pl Version: 1.1 (build 2)
* Modify News: User Column
o Filename: cra_modifyusercol.pl Version: build 2 (privacy compliant)
* Moveit!
o Filename: cra_moveit.pl Version: alfa build 1
* MultiPage
o Filename: cra_multipage.pl Version: 1.5
* Multipart
o Filename: cra_multipart.pl Version: 1.56 (Build 22)
* News Categories
o Filename: cra_ncategory.pl Version: build 10-RC8 (privacy compliant)
* News Columns
o Filename: cra_newscolumns.pl Version: 1.0
* NumericNewsid
o Filename: cra_numericnewsid.pl Version: 0.1
* RSS File Advanced (disabled)
o Filename: cra_rssfileadv.pl Version: beta build 5d
* SearchNews
o Filename: cra_searchnews.pl Version: 3.2
* SelectPic
o Filename: cra_SelectPic.pl Version: 1.2
* ShadowMail
o Filename: cra_shadowmail.pl Version: 2.2 (Build 19)
* Tickit! (disabled)
o Filename: cra_tickit.pl Version: build 1
* WAP4Coranto
o Filename: cra_wap.pl Version: beta 4
* X MultiSubmit
o Filename: cra_xmultisubmit.pl Version: 2.0 Beta 8
Coranto is free software. I am available for custom work or troubleshooting.

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