Maginot Kicked The Bucket!

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Maginot Kicked The Bucket!

Postby YushDon » Sat Oct 01, 2005 8:49 am

I'm using Maginot 15-rc6 and had just added another Maginot Sliced profile and was waiting for my Full Rebuild to finish, when Coranto came up with the message:-
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Error: Subroutine main:: was called, but does not exist. (It isn't already loaded, and it isn't in the cache.) at line 568.

Up to then everything had been working fine for a year or so. When I checked line 568 this is what i find there:
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if ($@) { die ("Subroutine $AUTOLOAD encountered a compile error during autoload: $@"); }

I went into all the Maginot Profiles and disabled the Autobuild feature, deleted any unused Maginot profiles and clicked rebuild again.

I have 15 Maginot profiles and 5 Standard ones. I also having the following add ons installed and enabled:
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Approval Manager, Backup, ChangeDateNew, CorantoSQL, CorantoSQL DB-Backup, CustomFields , Daily Pic, Disable Reset Button, Erdë ( ChangeUser Revised ) , Field Helper , IPBComment, Maginot, Modify News: User Column, Moveit! , Multipart, News Categories, News Preview Modified, SUP, Template Editor, User Profile Pages

Can anyone explain why I am getting the problem and how to cure it?
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