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Setting up 1.31.5 - Notes towards fixes

PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2007 2:28 pm
by Jackanape
I'm going through the setup procedure right now, from the Sourceforge files, and thought it prudent to list some things that come up during setup that are important, and need fixing:

1) The GUI is still the old GUI. I would be happy to work on developing an all new interface, but will be unable to put it into effect. Should I do it, or await word from Lumberjack and company?

2) The licensing Page still contains the old license information, including mention of Amphibianweb, even though I went through all files to remove such mention yesterday. This leaves me a bit confused. but it does need attending to. My suggestion is to just include the MIT license, and be done with it. Remove mention of linkbacks in the license section, but keep the option in a per profile basis.

3) Coranto/data/arc directory is the default archives location in the setup, although that directory is missing. Needs to be added into the download package.

4) Upon completion of setup:

If you need any further assistence with Coranto, be welcome to the Coranto Unofficial Site Support Forums where you will find help and tutorials:

Setup is complete.

Click here to continue

That's all I found during setup.

I will probably begin work on GUI soon...

5) On Style edit page, the
"Fuller documentation of style-editing options is available."
link leads to:

This should probably link to Dale's site, OR, better yet, be included in the documentation that comes with the package.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2007 2:37 pm
by Lumberjack
As I have said before, I had put these tasks to Broomsy who said he could remember all the lines he'd changed from 1.24 to 1.25. So the idea was to implement all these changes into DEV on the CVS and do some testing like that. I'm not up to this as I wasn't involved at all with these changes.
Please start a new topic regarding a GUI update, as it is potentially a big job and should be discussed including feasibility.
The arc directory was included in the 1.31.5 zip, I think. Either that or coranto created it.. because I definitely remember seeing it on my local install.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2007 3:10 pm
by Broomsy
I will be able to apply changes this weekend no problem. Been super busy lately. Sorry guys. Real life :(

PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2007 2:11 pm
by Lumberjack
Hehe yeah I know how you feel buddy, that's cool. Catch me on IM if you have some problems with CVS. Or Jackanape, as I actually use mac so things might be different.
If you don't have a server installed on your computer, it might be useful to be in communication with someone who does as you make the updates, so they can check that the files all work. I would advise, please, that you save a copy of all the DEV files somewhere else before you make your changes, in case something goes wrong.
But it shouldn't! :D


Re: Setting up 1.31.5 - Notes towards fixes

PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2007 3:32 pm
by Parahead
Jackanape wrote:1) The GUI is still the old GUI.
Don´t know if you have noticed that the there is a built in option to get a look-and-feel similar to what the Facelift addon provided before? I don't say it is perfect, but just wanted to mention it... Also, to get some input on the interface topic there are some threads in the Core development forum that might be useful?

Jackanape wrote:3) Coranto/data/arc directory is the default archives location in the setup, although that directory is missing. Needs to be added into the download package.
The folders are included in the package, but some unzippers (Winzip 9 or below for example) leave out empty folders when unzipping. My suggestion is to include a "placeholder.txt" file in the folders that are currently empty.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 12:49 pm
by Jackanape
Added more notes above.