FakeSQL Error Addendum...

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FakeSQL Error Addendum...

Postby YushDon » Wed Oct 24, 2007 6:16 am

Have to report an update to this post. FakeSQL has developed a problem and shows the following error

Addon FakeSQL (cra_fsql.pl) caused an error. Disable the addon to prevent this error from recurring. Error: Cannot executeThe used command is not allowed with this MySQL version at /home/etc/domain/html/cgi/directory/addons/cra_fsql.pl line 133.

Mr Coranto script and perl details are

Perl Version: 5.008
Script Version: 1.31.5
Script Build: 50

At first I thought it was a problem with using mySQL v5.0 so I created a new database, this time mySQL v4.1. But both gave me the same error where using v5.0 was working before.

The only thing different I have done is to remove all the CorantoSQL files from the server so I'm going to re-add these and see if it makes a difference...
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