What is Coranto?

Coranto is a highly flexible Content Management System; in fact, it is arguably THE most flexible. Whether you run a small blog or a fully scaled newspaper with millions of hits every day you can rely on Coranto's fully browser-based environment to update your site, and meet your every need and expectation.

Coranto is written in Perl and operates as simply as Server Side Includes (SSI) so it can run on virtually any webserver and leaves a very small footprint which makes the script suitable for a hosting environment. By default, it runs on flat file databases, so it doesn't require relational databases such as MySQL, making it all the smaller and easier to install.

Why Coranto?

You can easily expand Coranto's core functionality through the use of "addons", that allow for a myriad of expansion possibilities, such as a WYSIWYG editor, forum integration, search functions, banner rotation, and MySQL support. In fact, there is simply NO limit to the potential presented by this amazing script. (Or, should we say, the only limit is the user's imagination?)

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