Partial Rebuild is out!

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Partial Rebuild is out!

Postby cerberos76_ » Mon May 06, 2002 6:58 pm

Hi guys,
I just finished a simple addon I needed... PartialRebuild.
It is basically a Profile Rebuild, which enhances FullRebuild (more details in the readme) being much less CPU demanding.

It is now up on

For bug reports, suggestions, improvements, just send a message!

From the readme.txt of PartialRebuild:
This addon helps you in your site management, acting as an ideal enhancement (or replacement) of the Full Rebuild provided in Coranto.
In fact in many common circumstances you will need to rebuild your news, to respond to a change in templates or styles of your site.
But the "full rebuild" is taking great strain of your servers' CPUs and most providers already limit the cgi execution time to 20-50s, not allowing you to have full control on your news, as the FullRebuild cannot complete in time (if you have a certain number of news).
Furthermore, most of the time you only change one profile (at a time) and do not want to rebuild all the hundreds of news in the other profiles...
The solution is to use this Partial Rebuild addon.
It lets you select which profile(s) to rebuild when you need to.
Your profiles will be simply listed together and you will only have to choose which one(s) you want to build. Optionally you can even build them all together, making the same operation of Full Build (operation discoraged unless you have full control on your server).
This addon is a full replacement of Full Build, but can also happily live with it (the two operations will work independently).
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Coranto addons:
* GuestPost, one click guestposting
* MoveIt!, Advanced Backup and site transfer
* PartialRebuild, CPU-friendly enhancement of FullBuild
* URLColumn, URLs for multiple Categories/Profiles
* Tickit!, Javascript News Tickers/Faders for Coranto!
* AddonEnabler, enables or disables single, multiple or all addons in one go
* SubmitMultiple, post consecutive news in an automatic loop!
* RSSAdvanced, RelatedNews ....

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Postby ccunet » Mon May 06, 2002 9:24 pm

Thanks for the work Cerbernos

I'll try it out
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