Maginot Change Requests

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Maginot Change Requests

Postby cerberos76_ » Tue Dec 14, 2004 10:50 pm

Given some work is going on for the b15 of Maginot, I ask some changes to make that addon compatible with Coranto 1.30.9 folder structure.
These are the necessary changes (to be tested soon).

Line numbers based on Maginot b15 rc6

around line 26 find:
if ($crcgiBuild > 31) {$addon->isPrivacyCompatible;}

Change into:
if ($crcgiBuild > 31) {$addon->isPrivacyCompatible;}
($crcgiBuild > 40) ? ($tmplpath="$CConfig{'admin_path'}/templates") : ($tmplpath="$CConfig{'admin_path'}");

and then replace all occurrances of:


(there are 4 occurrances at lines: 726, 847, 943, 980)

These simple changes make Maginot compatible with both old and new Coranto installations
Coranto addons:
* GuestPost, one click guestposting
* MoveIt!, Advanced Backup and site transfer
* PartialRebuild, CPU-friendly enhancement of FullBuild
* URLColumn, URLs for multiple Categories/Profiles
* Tickit!, Javascript News Tickers/Faders for Coranto!
* AddonEnabler, enables or disables single, multiple or all addons in one go
* SubmitMultiple, post consecutive news in an automatic loop!
* RSSAdvanced, RelatedNews ....

Get them at:
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Postby Parahead » Wed Dec 15, 2004 7:08 am

Thank you, I will do the changes and test it on 1.24 / 1.30.9. The work on Maginot b15 has been on hold for some time but I am starting to feel the energy rising again to make some progress... :-)
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