Common webserver and Perl errors

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Common webserver and Perl errors

Postby Parahead » Sat Jul 17, 2004 10:26 pm

I have written a small document about some common webserver and Perl errors that can pop up when using Coranto (or basically any other Perl based webscript).

The errors that are covered are:
• Premature end of script headers: /some/path/to/coranto.cgi
• 500 - Internal Server Error
• An error occurred while processing this directive
• Unable to open /path/to/file.txt. No such file or directory at line 281.
• Unable to open /path/to/file.txt. Permission denied at line 281.
• Fatal Error. Could not include file crcfg.dat. The file, however, appears to exist.
• When I FTP to my server, I can´t delete the files Coranto have created.

You can read the document at:

Direct link:

Comments on content, additions or corrections are much welcome.
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