A shot in the dark (Actions for subs?)

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A shot in the dark (Actions for subs?)

Postby Pirate Elf » Sun Jun 22, 2008 6:48 pm

Recently I thought it would be a grand idea for Coranto to have a home page button. Instead of the often unused link at the top I wanted to make a shiny button the users could click to go back to the home page after posting. Currently though I am only able to do this through a redirect which is kind of silly but I cannot figure how coranto (or perl for that matter) would allow me to do a different action than what is already hard coded in.

For anyone that has ever written an addon you know the usual basic function:

Code: Select all
$addon->addMainFunction('Foo','A Description goes here','foo');

Then when ever a person clicks foo it does whatever the FOO sub is. I want it so that when they click foo it simply goes to a link. Anyone still come to these boards that has this answer and can help me?
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